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LAN Diagnostic  

British businesses lose 31 working days each year
fire-fighting problems caused by IT systems


When things go wrong it's always at the least convenient moment and often for no apparent reason but don't worry, the first thing to do is to find out what's wrong and the best way to fix it and that's where our knowledge and experience of home and small business systems really counts.

Irrespective of the type of system, equipment or manufacturer and whatever the symptoms - messages on the screen, slow internet connection, network errors, strange noises or just not working - we'll investigate and establish what's wrong.

Once we've identified the issue - be it with your hardware, software, cables, all of them or maybe elsewhere (for example your phone line or Internet Service Provider) - we'll suggest an appropriate solution, give you an estimate of the cost and do our very best to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible with the minimum of disruption.

Above all if you're having problems we'll offer you friendly, understandable advice and a prompt, effective service that delivers results.

PCs or Macs or Laptops or Servers
Hardware - Power Supply - Display - Operating System - Programs
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Peripherals & Accessories
Printers - Scanners - Cameras - Mobile Phones - Bar Coding
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LAN - VPN - Wired - Wireless - Internet - Web Sites - E-Mail
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  * http://www.bcentral.co.uk/sbnews/18178374/IT-system-problems-handicapping-UK-firms.msp  
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