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New research has shown that small firms operating without IT support staff
lose up to 15% of the working week dealing with IT problems *

Ellis ComTech Support

If you are a home user or a business we'd like you to consider us your own personal IT experts who'll provide practical advice and effective solutions to any IT related question or problem you may encounter.

We offer both a prompt on-site and instant remote support service so you can be 100% certain that, whether you want to know how to add a picture to your e-mail, connect a printer, or your office has been hit by lightning, we'll be here to help you.


For home, Macs & PCs are mainly used for 'recreational purposes' (e.g. web browsingiPad, e-mails & gaming), the most common issues are related to PC performance, failures, internet connection problems, security concerns (including protecting kids on the web) and questions such as 'how do I?' or 'why does my...'

We can give advice and provide solutions for all the various issues and queries that arise and please don't worry if you think it seems too simple or silly: everything is easy when you know how and computers tend not to be very intuitive (for normal people at least).

Depending on circumstances and the nature of the problem, you can ask us to assist you:

  • over the phone
  • via an instant connection to your system
  • by visiting you (at a convenient time of course)

Which ever method you choose you can be assured of a quality service and sensible, understandable advice.

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Microsoft Apps

Our business customers face not only those IT issues familiar to home users but they are also confronted with additional issues and demands Galaxy S3specific to using technology in a business environment: commercial pressures, specific operational needs, legislation and multiple disparate systems that must all co-exist reliably and efficiently.

We can minimise the distractions and maximise the benefits from your IT leaving you free to concentrate on running a successful business.

For all our customers, we offer a single point of contact for support covering all of the different elements - PCs, Apple Macs, networks, internet, mobile phones etc etc, and can help you to effectively resolve whatever questions, issues and problems you may come across when using your IT systems.

Day-to-day assistance How do I...
More details soon
Hardware & software I need a ...
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Security & data Disaster recovery, phishing, SPAM
More details soon
Legal & environmental Power save, DPA & recycling
More details soon
Systems development Accounts, CRM
More details soon
New offices & relocation Networks & e-mails
More details soon
Internet & e-commerce Websites, VPN, hosting & search engines
More details soon
Training Office, Windows, web search
More details soon
Special Projects Cameras, BlackBerry's& wi-fi
More details soon

As you can see we can support all aspects of your IT systems, providing you with a genuinely comprehensive service that allows you to concentrate on your business (not your computers).

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IT ConsultantsAdvice & Consultancy

IT Support HShakeIrrespective of the nature or size of your business there are lots of ways that IT can be used to save money and improve performance.

Modern IT systems are highly capable and versatile - even for the smallest of businesses the benefits of Information Technology are immense but how do you make sure it works so you can take advantage of it?

  • Thinking of selling on-line (on eBay perhaps)?
  • How do I list my website in the search engines?
  • How useful is Google AdWords?
  • Will VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) save me money?
  • What are the benefits of Office 2010 or Windows 7?
  • Trying to run a mail-merge?
  • Why's my PC suddenly slowed to a crawl?
  • I need to make a PDF document?
  • Having problems sending an e-mail attachment?
  • Which colour printer is the cheapest to run?
  • Why am I receiving reports for e-mails I haven't sent?

As specialists in the needs of smaller businesses, we appreciate that our clients don't have the substantial resources Laptop User(financial or otherwise) available to larger organisations which is why it's important that they can use what they have to the very best effect.

By working with you and understanding the needs of your business and your staff we can make suggestions and provide advice and support that will produce real practical benefits.

When your IT works properly:

  • you & your staff are less frustrated, happier and more productive
  • your life is easier
  • your customers receive an improved service
  • the useful life of expensive equipment is extended

By helping you to find the most appropriate solutions to your particular requirements, taking time to ensure you understand what is happening and why, and bearing in mind the need for value-for-money, we endeavour to support our customer's whole business rather than just their computers.

ChallengesMore Than Just Computers

Unfortunately, even if you have all the equipment and systems, putting them to the best possible use is not necessarily straightforward and there's more than just the computers themselves to be considered.

All these aspects have very real implications for you and your business and are asEnvironmental  applicable to a sole trader as they are to multi-national conglomerates.

One of the features that distinguishes Ellis ComTech from the majority of 'computer repair companies' is we have the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to provide our clients with a truly complete service that supports every aspect of your business' Information Technology - not just selling you software or repairing your PC!

If you want advice on any aspect of IT in your business please get in touch - we'll be more than happy to offer a FREE no obligation review and discussion of your IT systems.

*Source: MS bCentral; June 2007
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