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Do you practice safe computing? IT security is an ever changing field and one that is, quite rightly, a major concern to all computer users whether private or commercial, PC or Mac. Identity theft, credit card fraud, bot nets, hackers, viruses?

Whilst the media reports scare after scare the vast majority of Viruscomputer users are left confused, bewildered and, on occasion, scared: Britons fear on-line crime more than they do burglary! [BBC News]

Our aim is to help you make sense of it all and give you the peace of mind that, whether you're using your computer to order your groceries or run your entire business, your systems are as safe and secure as possible.

If you are a small business or home user we have the experience and skills to carry out a thorough review your system and your practices and, as appropriate, offer a range of security related solutions designed to meet your particular needs including:

  • Firewalls - provide a barrier between you and the internet
  • Updates - software 'patches' to fix vulnerabilities & leaks
  • Configuration - adjustments to settings to improve security
  • Procedures - e.g. passwords, certificates and back-ups
  • Software - including anti-virus, anti-malware and encryption
  • User Education - awareness and mitigation of risks

This last point is probably the single most important aspect of modern security - the 'human element'.  As criminals use ever cleverer and more subtle methods, knowing how to recognise the potential risks in the first place (by making people aware of the possible dangers and highlighting the various threats and methods of attack) reduces the chances of you being caught out by them.

Macintosh users have until recently been relatively unaffected by malware, however, with the increasing popularity of Macs, iPads and iPhones both OSX and iOS are now being targetted by Cyber Criminals.

Unfortunately, despite all the precautions and protection in the world, no system can ever be 100% secure. If the worst should happen and your system is infected or compromised, we have the knowledge, resources and experience to help you and your systems recover with the minimum of distress and disruption.

virusesViruses & Malware

The term 'Virus' is commonly used to describe all sorts of computer malware ("software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner's informed consent").

Trojan, key-logger, spy-ware or virus, whatever the name may be they all share the same intent: inflicting some form of malicious mischief on Marburg Virusyou and your systems.

As threats have changed and diversified (my first virus was the Italian Virus that made a dot bounce up and down the screen) so the scope and capabilities of the 'anti-virus' programs has adapted to keep up.

Although by no means the only element, a good anti-virus package (kept up to date) is still the cornerstone of your system's security so it's worth selecting the best available package.

As with most things, prevention is better than the cure and a lot less expensive - it can take about 5 hours or more to thoroughly clean. repair and protect a compromised PC system (and that's without any cost of stolen data or the potentially disasterous loss of reputation) - which makes good anti-virus software an excellent investment!

virusesVirus Removal Online Virus Scanner

If you suspect that you may have a virus or some sort of 'malware' on your machine you can check your system now using Eset's on-line scanner which should identify the culprit.

If the scan comes back negative but you're still experiencing problems please contact us & we can use a variety of specialised tools to establish if there is a 'virus' infection or there's some other cause for your issues.

If you discover that you do have an infection the first thing to do is to stop using your system and particularly make sure it's not connected to the internet as some malware uses techniques to steal information like passwords and credit card details and reports them back over the web.

Many infections can be successfully cleaned from your system however sometimes repairing the damage they've caused (both directly to your system and in terms of what may have been compromised) can be more difficult. Please call us and we'll be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Why NOD32Anti-Virus - NOD32

Our recommended package for all round protection from a wide range of threats is NOD32 Anti-Virus from Eset.

NOD32 Anti-VirusIt works on all versions of Windows & Mac OSX, uses minimal system resources (so it doesn't slow your PC down like some anti-virus packages do) and it offers unobtrusive but extremely effective, regularly updated protection against the very latest viruses and other 'nasties'.

NOD32 prices start at just 25 +vat for a new licence with 12 months updates and only 20 +vat per year to renew your subscription (we'll get in touch to remind you before it expires).

The program is straightforward to install and easy use but, if you're at all concerned, we can provide a remote installation service which includes:

  • removing your old anti-virus program
  • set-up & configuring the NOD32 software
  • check it's updated & working properly
  • a short demonstration

You can check NOD32's capabilities, features and benefits in this summary document (Acrobat Reader here) but, if you're not sure about NOD32 please call us and we'll arrange a month's free trial so you can see for yourself how good it is - we promise you won't be disappointed!

Why NOD32Why NOD32?

NOD Malware ProtectionAlthough it's perhaps not the best known anti-virus program, in our experience (and we've experienced the majority of available security products from different manufacturers) NOD32 Anti-Virus from Eset is by far and away the best anti-virus software we've ever come across.

Since your anti-virus software plays such a crucial role in ensuring a safe and reliable system we wanted to be 100% confident about our choice before deciding which one we should recommend to our customers.

We evaluated the majority of the programs on the market for their level protection, cost, ease of use, reliability, track record, performance impact etc and the best by far was NOD32.

Since becoming Eset approved partners 9 years ago, we haven't been disappointed: we use it on all our own systems and the vast majority of our customers' and, to date it, hasn't let us or (more importantly) any of our customers down!

It's not just our opinion either: NOD32's superior effectiveness is continually recognised in numerous independent tests where it regularly wins awards for it's 100% detection record.

More in-depth details about NOD32 and it's capabilities are available on Eset's site.

Password Passwords

An important note on security is passwords: you need them for almost everything so something as simple as using 'strong' passwords (that aren't easy to guess or crack) on your Windows account, website logins etc can improve your overall security immensely.

You can check the quality (i.e. strength) of your chosen password with this very useful password strength tool, but please try to make it memorable because getting around a forgotten password can be expensive (if it's possible at all).

If you have forgotten a password there's a chance it can be recovered (or bypassed) depending on the program involved.  Call us and we'll be able to give you an indications of the options available.


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