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'SMEs in the UK could be harming their productivity because
they don't have enough dedicated staff for IT support purposes'
Ellis ComTech Maintenance

Regular monitoring and maintenance of your Mac or PC (just like any other piece of complex equipment) can save a lot of heart-ache and money later on because when they fail it's always at the least PC Maintenance convenient time!

Irrespective of the make or type of equipment or its uses we can provide both preventative and routine maintenance for you to ensure their reliability and performance.

If you'd like some advice on your IT maintenance or perhaps a precautionary service for your system please give us a call on 01829 771600 or send us e-mail at info@elliscomtech.com - we'd be happy to help with NO obligation.

Alternatively, for total peace of mind that your systems are up to snuff why not consider our Retainer Agreement which includes routine maintenance amongst other features - contact us for an information pack.

Please, don't wait until it's too late: key pointers and suggestions below.

Hardware MaintenanceGeneral

In addition to keeping PC & Mac systems working properly, routine maintenance forms a key element in operating a secure system and it need not be expensive: even simple things like checking that cooling fans aren't blocked with dust, listening for unusual noises or making sure that your anti-virus is up-to-date can be life savers.

Hardware MaintenanceSoftware

An essential maintenance feature of modern computing is the regular installation of patches and updates for operating systems and software.

These are vitally important for both the security and reliability of your systems and it's worth making sure that you check for new ones on at least a monthly basis (Microsoft release the majority of theirs once a month on what is known as 'Patch Tuesday' which is the 2nd Tuesday of every month).

Please be aware though that it's not unknown for these updates to cause major problems through incompatibilities, data corruption etc (which is why we test them on our own systems prior to installing them on our customers') so please make sure you have a back-up beforehand - you do one every day anyway don't you? :-) - at the very least we suggest you create a restore point (in Windows 7, Vista or XP).

Macintosh systems also need updates, so please ensure you run the system update utility regularly and apply the OSX updates even if you don't want to update iTunes.

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