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E-Mail, Messaging & More

E-mail is today a critically important means of communication and so, for any modern business, having access to a reliable, secure and capable messaging system is not just desirable, it’s a necessity.

Whether for just one user or a dozen (even thousands), if you rely on your e-mail we can offer a complete range of e-mail and messaging solutions (including fax and SMS) which can be tailored to your own, specific requirements.

For example our range of Hosted Exchange packages, based on the latest Microsoft® server technology, all offer:

Professionalism – Including automated Out-of-Office replies & e-mail footers


Ease of use – Multiple addresses, automatic signatures & task scheduling
Safety – Comprehensive protection from SPAM, viruses, phishing & other ‘e-crime’
Productivity – Share contacts, tasks, messages, calendars with other users as & how you wish
Accessibility – Secure web access to your e-mails, contacts, tasks & calendars anywhere in the world

Mobility – E-mail and more on-the-move from your BlackBerry, Mobile Phone or PDA


Peace of mind – Security and legal compliance with automated back-ups and secure data archival

Reliability – System availability guaranteed (99.9% up-time Service Level Agreement)
Flexibility – It will move, change, grow (and shrink) as your needs do
Simplicity – Automatically future-proofed and maintained with upgrades, patches & enhancements

The capital and resource intensive ‘back-end’ of the Hosted Exchange system is provided by one of the UK’s leading hosted service companies from their multi-million pound data centres – dozens of servers with dedicated high-speed internet connections, multi-tiered security and 24hr management.


What this means in practice is you can now have a straightforward, dependable e-mail system with the same benefits and capabilities available to multi-national organisations but have:

  • No expensive servers or hardware to buy
  • No new software to purchase
  • No specialised equipment to repair or replace
  • No worries about maintenance or upgrades

solve_iconChanging to Hosted E-Mail

You can keep your current e-mail address and use familiar Microsoft software on your PC so the transfer needn't interrupt your e-mails or disrupt your activities plus, to make the move completely effortless, we can offer a comprehensive set-up, migration and management service covering every aspect of planning, implementing and maintaining the system.

solve_iconValue for Money

From just £7.00 per month* with no hardware or software to buy and the ability to mix & match only the features you need, it’s exceptional value for money.

If you depend on your e-mail and would like to upgrade to the features and benefits of our Hosted E-Mail System, please contact us for more information, a no obligation discussion & demonstration.


Pricing and more details

† Requires a compatible PDA/mobile phone – please ask

* per user + VAT – minimum 12 month contract

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