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Remote Support can help us solve your problems
& answer your questions INSTANTLY


Features - How it Works - Security & Privacy - Costs - Summary

Instant Support is a new system that enables us to quickly and easily connect directly to your computer (over the internet) in order to investigate problems, find errors, fix faults, adjust settings and provide whatever advice and support you might need.

Over the remote connection we can see details of your system’s status, review error logs, transfer repaired files, restart the computer and, with your permission, view your screen or take joint control of your PC which makes it ideal for training and demonstrations.

There’s no special equipment or software needed at your end, just a connection to the internet, so we can now offer an easy, convenient and less disruptive way of solving your issues or problems and generally improving your computing experience.

Even if it turns out the problem can't be solved remotely, we can offer advice and suggestions as to the best possible solution and/or provide on-site support if you wish, plus - since we'll come prepared with first-hand knowledge of the situation when we visit - we'll be able to sort the problem much more quickly saving you time and money.

Features & BenefitsFeatures & Benefits

This system provides a number of facilities, tools and features designed to help us provide a more comprehensive and effective support service with a minimum inconvenience and disruption to yourself.

The features and benefits of our remote support service include:

  • Quick and easy connection: This allows us to provide immediate assistance with even minor annoyances and queries with a minimum of disruption – there’s no need for you to close programs, log-off or shutdown the PC.
  • A live view of your screen: This means we can watch exactly what is happening and identify what problems, messages or questions you're experiencing as and when they happen – no need to remember messages or write down error details.
  • The ability to take shared control: This provides the opportunity for us to demonstrate procedures and give real-time help and training – we can show you something whilst you’re doing it, plus we can investigate those problems that always seem to have disappeared when we try to find them later.
  • Real-time system information: This enables us to monitor the system in day-to-day use, helping identify and troubleshoot sporadic or infrequent issues much more effectively – with no disruption since you can continue to use the PC as usual.
  • Available anywhere there’s an internet connection: This means that, irrespective of where you might be, we can connect to your system – ideal for laptop users or when working away from home (even if you're abroad).
  • No prior set-up or software required: This allows us to provide help to anyone with an internet connection irrespective of the PC they’re using – useful for a brand new computer or perhaps relatives in another country.

How It WorksHow It Works

When you contact us with a query or problem and we think we can help you most effectively by using a remote connection we may suggest a starting a support session.

If you are agreeable, the connection can be initiated by using either one of two different methods, depending on the circumstances:

  1. We Send You An E-Mail: By clicking a link in the e-mail (like the one below) that we send to your e-mail address

Confirmation EMail


  1. Enter A Code On Our Website: By visiting the login page on our website and entering a 6 digit ‘pin’ code (like 123456) we give you over the telephone

 Remote Web Form

After you’ve requested the connection, we are alerted to your request and the system will show you the status of the session in its window as below:

Initiate Remote Support Box

Once under way, you can monitor the support session in the status window and, if you wish, communicate with us through the system’s text chat facility or a simultaneous phone conversation.

Remote Support Customer Interface

The remote session is under your control at all times, you can watch our actions on your screen and, if you wish, you can end it at any time by clicking the disconnect button.

Once we've finished we'll let you know how we've got on and end the remote session, terminating our access to your system completely.

Features & BenefitsSecurity & Privacy

The connection process can only be started at your request and remains under your control at all times: you can monitor what we do to your system whilst we’re connected and can accept or reject our request for different actions:

Remote Support Approval

The connection itself is temporary and made through secure servers on the internet via an encrypted link which means no one other than ourselves is able to see any information or access your system.

All our services are confidential and all the actions we take (e.g. file transfers, control requests etc) are logged by the system. When the session is over, you disconnect it so there’s no access to your system again unless you explicitly request another connection.

CostsHow Much Does It Cost?

Our Instant Support service is charged at only £10 (+VAT) per 15 minutes (that's less than some telephone 'helplines' charge) - you'll be surprised how many frustrating issues, problems and queries we can resolve in just 15 minutes!

This service is also available FREE as part of our Support Retainer - if you're interested in a uniquely innovative and comprehensive IT support package which includes a range of features and benefits aimed at keeping your systems usable, reliable & secure please enquire about our Retainer Agreement.


Although we realise this system is not necessarily suitable for every type of issue or problem (for example network or internet faults) it does bring extra flexibility and efficiency to the services we provide and helps to improve the reliability and usability of your computer systems.

Above all it provides you with a convenient and effective service with minimal disruption and cost.


If you'd like a remote session please call 01829 771600 & ask for Remote Support or, if you prefer, e-mail us at remote@elliscomtech.co.uk and we'll contact you promptly with details

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