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'One-Third of UK Office Workers Damaging Their Health, Productivity and Motivation With 'Old' IT Equipment' *
The IT supply market is incredibly competitive. Cut-throat promotional pricing from the likes of Dell® and PC World® mean that margins on PCs, software and the like are sometimes down to just a few pence per unit - “stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap” as the saying goes.

They might be cheap but, if you'd rather have the piece of mind of an immediately usable and productive system that's properly prepared and integrated with your existing Acer PDAequipment, along with a personal on-site support service and unrivalled after sales back-up this is where we can help.

Whether it's just 1 PC or a new server, network and a dozen PCs, we'll work with you to specify, source and install a truly bespoke system tailored to precisely suit your needs: you get exactly what you need to achieve what you want to do - no more, no less - and including all the leads, connectors & other essential bits and pieces that make a usable system.


Something Different

Even if you need something slightly 'out of the ordinary' it's not a problem,

Low noise - for your living room or conference room?
Size restrictions - in your car or under your TV?
High security - in your display area or on the shop floor?
Specialist software - to run your milking parlour or banking system?
Harsh environment - on the factory floor or in a JCB?

 whether it's a server or a PDA, Windows or Linux, laptop or Mac we can provide a solution to suit you, your needs and your pocket.

We offer you support all the way through the process - from specification and selection through to secure desposal of old and obsolete equipment, we'll provide a superior level of service that none of the major companies can hope to rival.

From the outset we will discuss your requirements in detail, provide you BlackBerrywith a variety of impartial suggestions & estimates, transfer all of your existing programs, preferences and data to your new system, deliver it, assemble, configure and test it and then we’ll take the time to show you how it works.

Your support doesn’t end there - if you’ve any questions at any time we’re just at the end of the 'phone and our remote service means we can provide instant help and guidance.

All our systems are covered by a 12 month, on-site parts & labour hardware warranty and come with the essential anti-virus, surge protectors, etc as appropriate.

* Viewsonic PressRelease; May 2006
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