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Reliable, affordable internet access is now a necessity and the fastest, most reliable connection for the majority of us in the UK is a Broadband connection (or technically ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line).

Which ISPWhich ISP

Zen InternetThe first consideration in connecting to the internet is the ISP (Internet Service Provider). They provide the link between your computer and the internet itself, allowing you to browse the web and read your e-mails etc and their reliability and performance is of paramount importance.

After our previous 'preferred' ISP suffered from numerous problems and failures we conducted extensive research into just about every 'primary' ISP before deciding to partner with Zen Internet to supply our recommended internet connection service.

They are a multi-award winning ISP based in Rochdale who offer a wide range of competitively priced ADSL packages with an un-contended service and outstanding technical support.

We can assess and arrange a broadband package to suit your needs (including increased upload speeds) along with providing a fully managed, fully configured set-up, installation & configuration service.

Which ISPCan't Get Broadband

Serving as we do mainly a mainly rural area, many of our customers are located a considerable distance from their telephone exchange.Vigor Router

This has provided us with a lot of experience with what are known as 'marginal' broadband customers where their ISP's have told them that broadband is not available.

However, by careful selection of connection devices (ADSL routers), configuration tweaks and the use of top quality cables, filters etc we've had considerable success in providing a connection to customers who were previously unable to get broadband.

Please be aware though that there are physical limitations to broadband technologies & some places are simply beyond the reach of current broadband via telephone lines (the limit for BT's current ADSL technology is approximately 6km or 3.75 miles from the exchange 'as the cable flies').

Even if you are unable to get broadband, there are alternatives including ISDN, satellite and cellular technologies that may be able to provide a higher speed internet connection.  Call us and we'll happy to discuss the options available to you.

Which ISPReliability & Speed Problems


The reliability and speed of broadband connections can be influenced by many factors, including:

  • your internal & external phone wiring
  • your connection equipment
  • your ISP and
  • even the weather!




More coming soon

If you think that your internet connection is slower than it should be, or you're suffering from frequent disconnections or failures, then please contact us - we can check the various components and advise you where the problem may lie.


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